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Lotus Recycled Brass Hanging Tribal Earrings

Designer: Lore and Lotus

$30.00 USD
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Sacred Lotus tribal earrings for the bohemian goddess in all of us. 

As in most countries, the Sacred Lotus remains a symbol of rebirth, renewal and new beginnings in Cambodia, where these unique recycled brass earrings were sourced. Found sparkling in the bustling stalls of Siem Reap's infamous Night Market, these handmade brass earrings caught our eye immediately.  

Each Sacred Lotus pair is handcrafted from recycled brass bullet casings by skilled Cambodian artisans, and each pair is unique. 

Wear these spiral earrings proudly, for the Sacred Lotus is a symbol of renewal for bohemian goddess in all of us. 

Handmade in Cambodia

This very unique recycled brass jewelry collection was handmade in Cambodia by the Hamsa Foundation, who produces local handicrafts to support Cambodian students' educations.  


Approximate (as each piece is a little different due to being handmade):

  • 1-1/4" inch high
  • 1-1/8" across