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Conscious Business Committee

A Collective Effort to Learn and Grow a Conscious Business

We believe so strongly in sustainability in business - we founded a group entirely dedicated to it! 

The Conscious Business Committee (CBC) of South Florida was created by two entrepreneurs who were inspired by the need to make a difference by practicing sustainability. This led to creating a committee of business owners all dedicated towards making small changes that better our environment and communities. Together we seek to aid and advocate the adoption of sustainable business practices.

Conscious Business Starts With Us

As the first Conscious Business Committee, we are uniquely able to help you introduce more conscious, sustainable, and ethical practices to your business models:

• Sustainability & Sourcing
• Ethical & Fair Trade Principles
• Recycling & Reuse
• Educating your Audience
• Introducing Change
• Building Community


Meet Our Talented and Charming Co-Founders!

In the beginning of 2019, Jacquelyn (Founder of Lore and Lotus) met Melody (Founder of Just Start), while looking for a business coach for her sustainable boutique. Melody was immediately inspired by the concept of practicing sustainability - not only in everyday life - but in business. Together aspects of sustainability and conscious business became their focus. Now, we are dedicated to helping you develop your new conscious business goals.  

Jacquelyn Brink

Jacquelyn "Jackie" Brink, artist designer and marketer, is the Founder of Lore & Lotus, Brink Design Studio, and Co-Founder of Conscious Business Committee.

Meldoy Duarte

Melody Duarte, dream coach and motivational speaker, is the Founder of Change is Ours, Just Start, and a variety of other related business ventures and is the Co-Founder of Conscious Business Committee.

Conscious Business Committee (CBC)

With a focus on conscious living, business and mindfulness, we devised our brand to not only help the environment, but to act as a resource for fellow-minded business owners, friends and communities.


To support CBC & Lore and Lotus' mission of a better world, shop from our collection of sustainable, ethical and conscious collections of reusable, recycled, recyclable pieces.