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Vintage Chinese Enameled Vase - Small

Designer: Lore and Lotus

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A charming little handmade enamel vase with the well-known and well-loved theme of souring asian Red-Crowned Cranes in tones of nature, earthy brown and sky blue. 

Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. In Japan, thecrane is one of the mystical or holy creatures (others include the dragon and the tortoise) and symbolizes good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tradition, cranes stand for good fortune andlongevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years. The Japanese refer to the crane as “the bird of happiness;” the Chinese as “heavenly crane” believing they were symbols of wisdom.

East Asia is the centre of crane diversity, with eight species, Although there are many species of cranes, in Asia it’s usually the red crown crane that is depicted.